WZRELB New 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V/48 Auto, 18V/36V Manual Max PV 170V,LCD Full Touch Screen Design

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  • WZRELB MPPT solar charge controller: 60Amp, 12V / 24V / 48 Auto, 18V / 36V manual, common negative ground. Input solar energy: 720W (12V); 1080W (18V); 1440W (24v); 2160W (36V); 2880W (48V), Max PV 170V.
  • Maximum power point tracking technology: working with this technology, WZRELB solar MPPT significantly improves energy utilization of solar systems by lifting the solar tracking efficiency to 97%.
  • Various automatic protection functions: Protection against overcharge, over discharge, over load, short circuit, reverse polarity, over heat and battery under voltage. Low-voltage disconnection (LVD) functioning to prevent damage of batteries due to over-discharge.
  • Intelligent Touch Screen LCD display: Easily access to running parameters and status of the controller. Low-voltage disconnection (LVD) function and overall self-test and electronic protection functions to maximize battery life and improve system performance effectively.

About WZRELB: Professional manufacturer for pure sine wave power inverter for 10 years, provide prompt reply, friendly customer service and 12-month .

  • Rated voltage12/24/48VDC or Auto
  • Rated charge current: 60A
  • Maximum protection current : 63A
  • Battery voltage identification range : 12V(DC9-DC15V) 24V(DC18-DC30V): 48V(DC36-DC60V
  • MPPT Operating voltage range: 12V (DC18V DC150V) 24V(DC34V DC150V); 48V(DC65V-150V)
  • Maximum PV input power : 12V(900W), 24V(1800W), 48V(3400W)
  • Float voltage (can be customized) : 12V-13. 75V 24V-27. 5V 48V-55V
  • Maximum solar panel voltage:≤170V
  • Machine efficiency :96.5%~99%
  • Weight: 6. 8LB
  • Dimension :9.36*7.8*2.73 IN

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