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Choosing the right
size of inverter depends on the power requirements of the appliances you expect
to operate at any given time,including
both the continuous and surge power rating of your appliance. The continuous
rating of the inverter must be high enough to handle all the loads that may run
at the same time. The inverter must also be capable of handling the starting
surge of all loads that may start at the same time.

Commonly used
electrical appliances can usually be divided into resistive load and inductive

The inverter can work with most resistive
loads less than its continuous power,such as :laptops,phones, TVs, electric cookers,LED
lights,fans,etc.But for most inductive loads whose vast majority power
consumption takes place in the compressor or motor, such as refrigerators,freezers
,microwaves,Water pumps, air conditioners ,power tools ,etc .Their
instantaneous power in startup phase is 6-7 times ,or even 10 times bigger as
it’s working power .So we suggest  use 10 times higher power inverter for inductive

Yes, but please ensure that the battery
capacity can always support the inverter's energy supply.

Yes,it’s pure sine wave inverter ,which is
pefect for a computer or a laptop.

It is not recommended to use the inverter to recharge the battery, which may damage the inverter

No,the inverters cannot be stacked in series or parallel

No ,the inverter is off grid only ,prohibit connection to mains

What you are seeing is normal .The tester you’re using
is for use with household utility power ;the inverter is a standalone
system, the internal wiring of the inverter causes this symptom.

No,the inverter we provide is single-phased,just one
input voltage and one output voltage ,it can't divide two lines of 110v that
sum to 220v.It has only one output voltage 110vac or 220vac.

It shows a voltage between the red line and the yellow
line. There is also a voltage between the black line and the yellow line. They
are virtual voltages and have no current. It is normal.

During use, due
to load or other factors, the output voltage may deviate from the normal use
range.Pls kindly known that the output
voltage can be reset in a certain range at your end

24 volt input cannot be changed to 12 volts. This is the factory setting and
involves a series of parts inside the inverter.

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