WZRELB 4000W 48VDC to 120VAC 240VAC Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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  • 【Split Phase Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter】provides 4000 watt true pure sine wave continuous power DC 48volt to 120V/240V AC split phase, high quality and stable output power ,60HZ, high frequency,Ideal for sensitive loads appliances under 4000Watt for Jobsite, RV, and Whole House Backup Emergency
  • 【Digital LCD Display】Monitor power usage with no effort-- LCD Display for battery volt and capacity ,simultaneous tracking of 3 output circuits for volt and amper of dual 120VAC mode,volt and frequency of 240VAC mode , easily master the power inverter working status,a good source of backup power supply for off grid system or emergency like power failure
  • 【Multiple Outlets】 Features 2 circuit 120v AC outputs (AC1 and AC2) with 4 household outlets ,each circuit can support the 2000W output , 1* heavy-duty 240VAC Universal plug and a hardwire terminal with Multiple output (L1+L2=240V, L1+N=120V, L2+N=120V )
  • 【High Efficiency and Plenty of Power 】Up to 91.6% efficiency ,with maximum 16.6A current output in the 240V circuit, perfectly adapted to high-power 240VAC appliances.Supports a maximum 16.6A hardwire terminal and dual 120V 16.6Amp output circuits : AC1 and AC2,can support the 2000W output at the same time
  • 【Soft Starter Design】 with soft starter built in,reduces the instantaneous impact of inrush current to allow the AC voltage to rise smoothly, effectively extending the life of the appliance
  • 【Fully Safety Protections】Isolated Input/Output Design,input low voltage , Input high voltage , overload , temperature , short circuit , battery reverse

Attentions for resistive load applications:

If you need the inverter to run the resistive load (like laptops, TVs, electric cookers, lights), please choose the inverter with continuous power higher than the appliance's rated power.For example, for the power inverter with continuous power 2500w, it is suggested to run the appliance with rated power less than 2500w. It is better to use 80% of the rated power.

Attentions for inductive load applications:

If you use refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, water pumps, air conditioners and other appliances with compressors or motors,please choose the inverter whose continuous power is 3-7 times higher than your appliances.


1 .Use 120V output only: 2000 w highest for one double US sokets(AC1/AC2) ,AC1 and AC2 can support the 2000W output at the same time. There will be 4000 w in total from AC1 and AC2.(if just use one 120 vac, with just AC1or AC2 ,the output voltage will decrease 0-8v according to the load.)

2.Use 240v output only:4000w Max ouput

3.Use both 120v output and 240v output: The total amper cannot be high than 16.6 A( 4000W/240 V) for all the connection, for example, there is 1000w 240v equipment, its current is 1000w/240v=4.1 6 A. for the 120 v, its total current cannot be higher than 12.44A in total .





  1. Can I add a fuse or circuit breaker between the input terminal of the inverter and the battery? If so, what specifications are recommended?

Yes,the following is the calculation of fuse ampere.

Continuous power of the inverter ÷ Lowest input voltage =Fuse ampere, e.g.

3000W 12VDC version: recommed a 300Amp fuse (3000W÷10VDC=300Amp)

3000W 24VDC version: recommed a 150Amp fuse (3000W÷20VDC=150Amp)

3000W 36VDC version: recommed a 100Amp fuse (3000W÷30VDC=100Amp)

3000W 48VDC version: recommed a 75Amp fuse (3000W÷40VDC=75Amp)

  1. Why did sparks appear on the cable and the inverter terminal when connecting the battery to the inverterï¼?/strong>

This is normal, and it is not that the inverter is malfunctioning. The inverter has built-in large capacitors, a very small amount of power is still stored inside. When the battery cable is connected to the input of the inverter, sparks may appear, which is a discharge process.Please feel free to use it

  1. Why the inverter's output voltage keeps dropping or even shuts down automatically when running loads ?

e.g 3000W 12VDC version

1). Pls check if there is a fuse or breaker installed in your system.Generally,we recommend that a 300Amp fuse be installed between the inverter and the battery.If the fuse size is too small, it will limit the input current

2). Pls check if use standard cables all . If 4 cables, please use them all, or the output will only be about a half. If you use your own cable, please make sure that the cable specification is larger than AWG 4, and if the length exceeds 24 inch, please thicken the cable.

Note that there is a voltage drop between the battery and the inverter. The thinner and longer the cable, the greater the voltage drops.

3). Pls check if the battery capacity is too small .We recommend connecting to a battery system a 300AH for a 3000-watt 12VDC inverter. When the DC LED reading drops while the load is running, it is likely that your battery capacity is too small to supply power to the load. Please try to add other batteries to your previous battery system.

  1. Why the inverter can't be turned on?

Pls fully charge the battery before installing the inverter . There are some large capacitors built into the inverter, so it may be in the low-voltage protection or even unable to turn on when the battery power is low

  1. Why can't my inverter run the refrigerator?

Compressor are inductive in nature and would be a hard load on the inverter.The vast majority of the refrigerator's power consumption takes place in the compressor, which kicks the instantaneous power in startup phase to 6-7 times ,or even 10 times bigger as its working power. .If you want to power up a refrigerator, we suggest you use 10 times higher power inverter. Please check that the load within the allowable range


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