Pure Sine Wave Inverter Vs Modified Sine Wave Inverter  How to Choose?

Before you buy the power inverter, it is better to know if you need a dc to ac pure sine wave inverter or a modified sine wave inverter. What is the difference?

If you are not familiar with the technology, please consult the the service team. They can both be connected to the battery in boats or rv, or the sandstone battery. But the pure sine wave inverter output more smooth round power , very similar to our utility power, and the modified sine wave inverter output square power, with much more harsher peaks and valleys in the output current. Modified sine wave inverter is cheaper and exists in the market. The pure sine wave inverter may be 2 or 3 times the price of the modified sine wave inverter. The first thing you might know about is different wave of the electricity, the pure sine wave inverter has much less harmonic distortion level,very similar to the utility power. The modified sine wave inverter has much higher harmonic distortion.which may cause buzz or hum. This might result in the damage of the AC appliances.

So pure sine wave inverter must be used for sensitive or essential ac appliances. The clean power will protect you ac appliances. For inductive load such as motor, pump, air conditioner ect, it is better to use pure sine wave inverter. As it can make your load run fast , quieter and cooler. As the noise from the ac appliances will be less. Less magnetic influence to the audio amplifier TV, telephone ect. Pure sine wave inverter can prevent the crashes in computer or notebook, glitches or noise in the monitor. A modified sine wave inverter can work for a normal light, heater, cooker this kind of resistive load. For sophisticated appliances such as laptops, fluorescent lights, power tools, machines with microprocessor control like mashing machine, radio, automatic machine, medical equipment such as oxygen concentrator, it is better to use a pure sine wave inverter.

3000W pure sine wave inverter will sufficient for normal use.


WZRELB Reliable Power Inverter 3000W has remote control, USD port , and It has RS 485 port if the user needs it. Welcome consult us for more details. Please pay attention to the full power wattage of your ac appliances, and do not overload.